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'I had a fantastic time taking part in the Season It course. I learned loads of new skills, both in the kitchen and about hosting in general. From basic knife skills that I now use every time I cook, to presentation skills that are useful whenever serving guests, the tuition I received from the instructors will prove valuable to have in the future, even if I don’t end up doing a ski season. Learning how to carry three plates and present napkins is something that I doubt I’ll ever forget, and I’ll be able to use whether it’s serving my brother his dinner or working in a restaurant or ski chalet in the future.


Throughout the week, we were given a perfect balance of time learning about the challenges hosting can present and how to deal with them, and free time to relax in the beautiful chalet or go out around the surrounding paths, and of course spend time in the hot tub. The theory sessions included everything from menu planning to food hygiene. I signed up for the course alone, and was slightly apprehensive that I wouldn’t know anyone when I was there, but my worrying was in vain as the team work from day one lead to the group quickly getting to know each other and we all got along very well.


Of course, the course is designed to prepare you to be a host in a ski chalet, but when I applied I hadn’t really thought about what hosting entailed, let alone seriously considered doing a season. However, at the end of the week was left really wanting to do a season, and now plan on potentially doing one after university, which I definitely wouldn’t be even dreaming of doing if it weren’t for the course. '

Richard Kneen October 2019


'The week I spent on the course was such an amazing experience. From knife skills to presentation and everything in between; Oli and Sally did the best job in teaching us how to run a chalet effectively! Not only did we get to cook new meals and endless cakes, we also were given such a gorgeous alpine experience! I truly loved every minute and would go back to Chalet Pomet without a doubt, thank you for a wonderful opportunity'

Leah Richards October 2019